Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why Do We Go Out On A Limb?

Tonight I had a wonderful conversation with a friend that I have not spoken to in awhile. It was mainly my fault because I tend to avoid facing problems or issues ... instead I ignore them in hopes that things will get better. But really that takes so much more effort than just talking things out. Scruffy once told me that you can not be mad at someone or about something if you never told them the reason you are upset or what it is that is bothering you. He was so right ... people are not mind readers, they won’t know how you are feeling or what they can do for you unless you say something.

I have really missed this friend in my life, and what I love most about him is the fact that he is so loving and caring. When I showed up at his door tonight he just opened up his arms to me and it was like no time had elapsed between us in the last month. A person who could make you feel like that is truly a wonderful friend.

It is really so much easier to just communicate with one another. I don’t know, maybe because of the fact that I may be leaving Ohio in the next couple of months I have developed this no care attitude. Which is a good thing, I want to do everything and say everything I can so I have no regrets. Sure I may get hurt at times, and things may not always work out the way I wanted them too, but how would you ever know anything if you never took risks?

One of the first conversations I ever had with Arizona he said this...

Isn't that the truth???

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