Sunday, May 30, 2010

Someone's Junk is Another's Treasure!!

Going home lately is always fun, sure its not the same because everything is changing including my purple bedroom being re-painted to a neutral tone.  But in addition due to my mom getting the house ready to sell I find all my treasures I had growing up.  I found my favorite toy of all time, the toy that inspired me.... that's right my Dental Barbie.  It had everything, including a suction, a cup to spit in and a water syringe along with a light, hand mirror, kids crest tooth paste, a clipboard and charts showing nutrition and tooth development.  Ok call me a huge nerd but it even had a little patient bib, how cute is that?  If you don't believe me this may seal the deal, the Barbie even talked to make noises for the suction and water and at the end it said, "Great Check Up."  This will definitely be making the trip across the country with me.  

I also found my pillow I had growing up, froggy.  The problem is, I do not know what to do with this stuff.  I do not want to get rid of my toys but at the same time I do not want to hull it across the country either.  I always thought all of this stuff would stay at my parent's house until I had a home of my own or a family of my own that I could eventually share with them.  I guess my mom moving changes all of that.

  Luckily I had all of these toys to distract me because I got the worst sunburn.  Its amazing how a cold shower and aloe vera makes it all feel better.  Lesson learned, reapply sunscreen after being in the water all day.  To top it off now its a running joke in my family how I am going to be deported when I move to Arizona, or how I could be the adopted child from Mexico when we take our family pictures for my sister's wedding.  My sister took this picture to illustrate that.

Oh well, I can't help it, I love the sun!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Out With the Old in With the New!!

Friday we had our senior class banquet.  It was at the student union in this beautiful room called the cartoon room.  So many of us just come to class and clinic in our scrubs with our hair up where we rarely get to see each other fixed up.   That night we all got to put on pretty dresses and suits and everyone looked beautiful/handsome.  I got voted by my classmates as "most likely to marry a dentist."  For some reason everyone that knows I am studying to be a hygienist thinks it would be so nice to marry a dentist and have a family practice together.  While it would be wonderful to marry a dentist I sure would not work for them.  To spend time at work and home together would be to much.  Don't get me wrong when I get married I would want to spend as much time with my husband as I can but everyone needs a separate life from their spouse, right?  It was an emotional night, I think this was the first time we realized it was our last event together before graduation.  At the end of the night Vitamin C's song "Graduation" came on and sure it is a corny high school song but everyone knew the lyrics even Joe, but that one song made me lose it.  Our entire class put their arms around each other and we formed a circle on the dance floor and we just started swaying back and forth together.  I along with several of my classmates started crying.  I was looking around at all my classmates surrounding me and I wished I just had a picture memory so I could always remember that moment because at that moment it did not matter who was better friends with who, or who got the best grades in the class all that mattered was we were there together and that we loved each other.  Our class is very attached to one another and that is why I know without a doubt in my mind that I have made some wonderful lifelong friends.  

I took the first picture for you Kate.
And this picture is of me and one of my best friends from my class, Chris.  

Saturday I needed to go home and my mom was going through the attic to get rid of things before they move out to Arizona.  I had the opportunity to go through all of my old toys with my mom and I am surprised I did not choke to death as a child.  So many of my toys today would not meet the standard safety precautions of toys that are made now.  I had this play set that was called main street.  It had an ice cream parlor a post office and a fire station and a little road that passes through with cars that attached to a house.  Let's just say I was playing with my toys for hours.  My mom kept telling me to put things down and help her but I just could not help it.  I found my old water baby, my barbie dolls, my baby blanket, my doctor's kit, cash register and talking telephone and decorations that were in my baby room (pooh bear theme).  I found my restaurant food that I used when I would run my own restaurant from my basement.  I even found my old tricycle, even as a child I was destined to be a buckeye, I even had the license plate to prove it.

So many new and exciting things will be happening in the next couple of weeks which could not make me happier!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Special K

Living in my dream world... oh I love when Special K is on sale, its my favorite can you tell.  People at the store looked at me like I was crazy... 16 boxes of cereal and 4 boxes of granola bars!!  Thank you Giant Eagle and to Candace for loving cereal like me to remind me of this great sale, I guess this could start my food storage ;)  I am one happy girl!!