Sunday, September 5, 2010

10 Foot Space

My friend Mike and I drove up to Cleveland because he was kind enough to drive my U-haul down to Columbus for me.  Before we left I was busy moving things to the basement and Mike helped me with this huge shelving unit.  I was walking first down the stairs backwards and he wanted to turn it so it would fit but we did not realize that the shelves were not screwed in so what happened??.... that's right... shelves came flying toward me and one really nailed me in the face and gave me a wonderful black and blue eye, not to mention that it really hurt.  :(  In Mike's defense he was able to prevent two shelves from hitting me.

Things started to look up once we got on the road, but traffic was terrible and we were stop and go most of the trip.  We spent the night at my sister and her husband's place for a dinner and movie night and I finally got to see the Terminal with Tom Hanks.

Lucky for me the next morning I was able to get three other men to come and help us move my things.  I can't even tell you how nervous I was for them moving my piano.... especially considering we had no ramp and it had to be lifted the entire time.    My sister discovered a huge bee's nest under the porch's step, it went from having a bee or two flying around to many.  So we added two additional injuries to the trip.  My sister got stung on her foot.  She started freaking out and one of the boy's was laughing at her.  It's true what goes around comes around because sure enough he got stung on his leg and then it flew up his shorts and stung him in the butt.  Well it sort of made me chuckle on the inside.

Everything got moved and my sister, Mike and I headed to Columbus.  We got about twenty minutes outside of Columbus when my low fuel light comes on.  At that point we are stopped in dead traffic not moving.  We were delayed on the freeway about an hour driving on fumes.  It turns out two semi's crashed into each other and into the guard rail.  

But after all that mess I am finally moved into Kate's place.  It's amazing how my entire life over the course of 23 years fits into a 10 foot space.  But really that filled 10 foot space may have value but that value does not even compare to the generosity and love that friends have shown me this weekend and the past few weeks.... that is priceless!!!  

At least Mike drove the U-Haul and I didn't have to resort to packing up my car like this... :)