Thursday, April 8, 2010


So yesterday I had such a craving for Jeni's again so I went and bought 2 pints.  I was paying for them in a hurry and I did not notice how much it was I just gave my credit card.  I got a pint of cherry crisp and a pint of mango ice cream and I was looking at the receipt later that night when I got home and it cost $20 dollars.  Yes Jeni's is worth it but still that is a great deal of money to spend on ice cream.  I could of bought a t-shirt from Jeni's for that much.

I had a patient this morning and he had to be in his mid 30s and everyone who knows me sees that I look a lot younger than I am.  To make conversation I told him about Jeni's which he never heard of before and how I spent $20 on ice cream.  I thought it was a harmless conversation.  Right?  At the end of the appointment as I was giving him his cashier slip, he asked me if I would like to get ice cream sometime?  I didn't know what to say so I pulled out my fake boyfriend and used him as an excuse.  I felt bad, my mentor told me that what she does when patients used to ask her out is use flattery.  She would tell them how flattered she was for the offer but OSU's policy is that we can't date patients.  At one point a patient offered to stop coming to OSU's dental school for treatment to have a date with her?  I'm sorry I think I like my way better, sometimes people just can't take a hint so now I have to try and not tie this incidence to my favorite place in the world...... Jeni's!!

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  1. (a) A t-shirt's nice, but it's not delicious!

    (b) You should come up with an elaborate back-story about how you and your fake boyfriend first met *at* Jeni's and fell rapturously in love over a duo of Salty Caramel and Lemon Yo!

    (c) Can you really not date patients? Because that kinda sounds like a romantic first date ;-)