Friday, March 26, 2010

How I Love Our Economy!

Today my sister and I decided to go up to the mall because she needed to pick up a few things. I had such a craving for some candy so I decided to stop at the candy machines inside the mall to get some Mike and Ikes. I put in a quarter but every time I turned the handle the quarter would pop out, so I tried a different machine and the same thing happened. My sister put a quarter into a gum ball machine and the machine ate it so she put another one in and she got her gum ball.

We noticed that the Mike and Ike machine was 50ç now instead of 25ç. I guess prices for everything are going up even for quarter candy machines. I gave in though and put in the 50ç but really it was not even worth it for like 8 measly candies. What hope does our economy have if they are even raising the prices of gum ball machines? Where does the money from those machines even go to? The establishment they are located in?

My sister told me at least your candy tasted good, my gum ball cost me 50ç and its flavor is already gone after a minute.

Worst of all the machines were located right outside of a Wal-mart... I really should of just gone there and bought a whole packet of candy for 25ç more. I guess we are not that smart.

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