Sunday, February 21, 2010

L.A. Trip

So Sperry said I needed to start a blog, and I have had this blog set up for awhile now and I never used it so here it goes.

Sperry and I booked a flight to Los Angeles today for spring break in March and we thought it would be a great idea to book our flight with a hotel and rental car, which indeed it was. However, California we found out to be a very expensive place to visit and many of the hotels were kind of pricey. So we found a place called "Stay" which is located in downtown Los Angeles. It is a hostel where we will be sharing a bathroom with the entire floor, which is weird because the bathroom contains a shower and toilet but the sink is located in the bedroom... riddle me this batman what stupid person came up with that idea?? So basically I have to use the bathroom and walk all the way down holding my hands up like Derek Shepherd would in Grey's Anatomy before surgery in order to get to my sink to wash my hands.


We looked at some pictures online of this place and I am posting them here... So at first we thought the "hand chair" in the first picture would be completely weird, however, based on reviews we heard it was a really comfortable chair so one of us may be sleeping there, especially since Sperry has a problem sharing a bed with me. So lucky us that we were able to get twin beds to avoid this hand groping me at night.

STAY: Room with a view

When we went to book our flight we saw the above picture on their website... and I have one word SERIOUSLY?? Why the heck would anyone want to sleep in a bed where people right outside could walk by and look in and see you sleeping? They market this room by saying that it is a "room with a view," I'm sorry I highly doubt it is a view for anyone but those passing by and seeing me get dressed. So under the special request box located upon check out we wrote, "We would prefer a room without a view, not like the one with the big window in the pictures on your website." I am all about economizing and saving money by staying at this place, but I refuse to be displayed like that even if there are probably more interesting people to look at in L.A.

After we booked our flight, "hostel" and car we received multiple offers from Ant Farm to stay with his family, however, we thought it would be an adventure to stay here. Do not worry I am sure there are more updates to come on this lovely excursion!! :)

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  1. Sarah! You're finally using your blog-so exciting. I'm the first one to leave a comment! I also became a follower of your blog. I hope your upcoming trip is fun!